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  • Manage Your Investment

    Manage Your Investment

    Published on 26th February 2020

    Some landlords, especially those who are new to the experience, understandably wish to use a letting agent simply as a route to market in order to find a tenant. However, whilst a return on investment is one thing, sleeping well at night is quite another! A managed service is not just about chasing late rent, resolving disputes and inventory control.    When your property is professionally…

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  • Save the Sale

    Save the Sale

    Published on 18th February 2020

        It is well documented that, nationally, around 30% of all sales arranged fail to reach a successful exchange of contracts. Fortunately, our success rate is 91% of sales successfully complete.   However, the sales cycle can be frustratingly slow and the longer the sale takes, the greater the chance of it falling through. This makes it particularly important that your estate agent…

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  • Rent By Road

    Rent By Road

    Published on 16th December 2019

    Location, location, location is the somewhat overused maxim applied by many as a rule  of thumb when selecting a property. However, a closer look reveals that a compromise in  this principle can produce significant benefits for tenants in the Worcestershire area.    Clearly, most tenants’ idea of a dream home is one in perfect condition, with a beautiful  garden, massive…

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  • Helping your Agent

    Helping your Agent

    Published on 27th November 2019

    Buyers often waste an inordinate amount of time viewing property that is either too expensive or blatantly wrong in other critical ways.  Additionally, more than 30% of property sales fall through due to buyer or seller suddenly changing their minds. Both these annoyances could be attributed to the agent not having gained a good understanding of buyer/sellers requirements, and/or not having earned…

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  • Estate Agent Myths Debunked

    Estate Agent Myths Debunked

    Published on 2nd October 2019

    Estate agents - some people love them; some people hate them! In a world that is Internet led, it is important to remember that not everything you read on the web is true. Myth 1: All estate agents are the same This is a common misconception. Not only are individual estate agents different but companies are also very different. Look around and find the perfect agent for you - after all this is a big…

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  • 7 essential secrets you need to know if you’re thinking of selling

    7 essential secrets you need to know if you’re thinking of selling

    Published on 31st August 2019

    Lots of people wrongly assume that selling a house is easy and doesn’t take any preparation – after all that’s what you’re paying the estate agents for, isn’t it? Wrong! The reality is, selling a home can be stressful and inconvenient but if you are thinking of selling up, there are some essential secrets you need to know. Pricing your home right from the beginning is…

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