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Selling your home in Worcester is not always easy. Get things right though, and it can open up a move to a new place and somewhere to start the next chapter of your life.

We often talk about styling properties, tidying up and making things neutral - in fact, we often advise people on how to make the most of the house they are selling because we’ve got tons of experience and expertise on this topic!

But what many other estate agents forget to do, is offer advice on what home sellers should avoid doing.

Here, we look at five mistakes that home sellers should try to avoid.  

1. Getting the asking price wrong

As a seller, you want the best price you can get for your property – that’s a given, and why not? Of course you’re going to want to put more pounds in your pocket.

But, sometimes, sellers want too much. Despite the expert advice of their estate agent, sellers want more than the property is actually worth. And by marketing the property too high, often against the advice of their estate agent, they can be putting people off.

If your house is too expensive for the area or is priced much higher than a similar property that recently sold, then people will be turned off.

If they do view, the chances are they’ll make an offer which is deemed to be too low by the seller and not given fair consideration. But it’s not just over-valuing! Similarly, if the asking price is too low, perhaps for a quick sale, this too can put potential buyers off because they may think there is something wrong with the house.

Top Tip Trust your estate agent. We know how to value a house. It’s what we do!

2. Failing to think outside the front door

You’ve done your house up inside – the carpets are cleaned, tatty wallpaper has been replaced with a gleaming coat of paint, and all the toys and knick-knacks stowed away.

The thing is though, have you taken a look outside? What’s the all-important kerb appeal like? Are there bins by the front door? Is the front garden a bit shabby and the back garden a wasteland?

Some sellers forget to make a first impression, and for most people, that will be when they drive past.

Top Tip When you’re putting your house on the market, bear in mind that many potential viewers will do a ‘drive-by’ before booking a viewing. Add outside jobs to your list of things to do!

3. Choosing the wrong estate agent

It has been known for people to choose the wrong estate agent. Now, of course we would say we know our stuff – because we do! But you must choose an estate agent that knows the area inside out and has the experience of selling homes just like yours.

Top Tip Decide what you want from your estate agent and do your homework. Shortlist a few before deciding we were right for you all along!

4. Leaving it too late to put your house on the market

If you’ve seen a house that you like, but have a property to sell, don’t try and put in an offer before you’ve even thought about selling your current home (unless you can afford to buy without selling!).

Currently, houses in Worcester are selling like hot cakes and if someone comes along and likes the same house but is in a better position than you, then you will almost definitely miss out.

Top Tip Speak with us about the process of getting your house on the market.

5. Taking it personally when a viewer says your house isn’t right for them!

If you’ve spent a lifetime in your home, and have raised your children in it, it’s no wonder that you feel close to your house. Some people cannot separate the fact that they love a house with the fact that they are trying to sell it.

This means they are less likely to put things away and neutralise the property ready for viewings or will take offence if someone either doesn’t like a room or suggests knocking a few walls about. Strange as it may appear, some people even think about who they won’t sell a house to!

Top Tip Try and think of selling a house as a business transaction - or at least something that is going to free you up for bigger and better things!

If you think you need some expert help on the do and don’ts when it comes to selling, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process. Call us on 01905 616330 or email info@sheltonandlines.co.uk to chat with a member of our friendly and experienced team.

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