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Rent By Road

Published on 16th December 2019

Location, location, location is the somewhat overused maxim applied by many as a rule 

of thumb when selecting a property. However, a closer look reveals that a compromise in 

this principle can produce significant benefits for tenants in the Worcestershire area. 


Clearly, most tenants’ idea of a dream home is one in perfect condition, with a beautiful 

garden, massive sunny accommodation, off street parking, and found in the best street in 

the area – preferably a quiet, leafy, cul-de-sac. And of course, the rent must be low!


Sadly this idyllic combination does not exist, because if the first five criteria are satisfied, 

then the rent is likely to be astronomical, as everyone tends to want these things as well! 

So budgetary constraints typically force tenants to accept a degree of compromise. For 

many, this will mean asking the children to share a bedroom, making do with a patio 

rather than a garden, or parking the car in the street. Last on many people’s list is renting

on a busy road!


Yet consider the advantages. Firstly, the rent on properties on a busy road is usually 

considerably cheaper than similar properties in a quiet street. This means that you can 

get far more property for your rent. It could well mean that you will not have to

compromise on those very things that contribute to an attractive property lifestyle. You 

might actually gain attributes such as a playroom for the children, a garage for the car, or 

a larger than expected garden. 


Most people who live on a main road tell us that they no longer notice it, and that it is a 

very small price to pay for a substantially better property. 


Kind regards


Simon Lines 

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